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      Resilient and simple to care for, wool naturally repels water + stains. Soak up liquid spills when they happen, with a paper towel or napkin. Messier (thicker) spills should be left to dry – the mess will sit on the surface – then it can be easily scratched or brushed off later, followed by a damp cloth to spot clean, as needed.

      If a more thorough cleaning is required, instructions vary:

      ORIGINAL WOOL BLANKETS (poly batting)
      Machine wash in cold water on delicate or gentle cycle + lay flat or hang over a railing to dry. 

      DOUBLE-WOOL BLANKETS (wool batting)
      Hand wash, spin out in the machine, then smooth out, straighten the edges + lay flat to dry. I recommend using
      Soak + I send some with every blanket (not sponsored – I just love this 🇨🇦 product!🙂). Most of my clients tell me they haven't even washed their blankets yet, so it seems this little extra care won't be a big deal.

      Remove pieced wool cover, close zipper + dry clean.